LAHORE: MCC Preventive Lahore and Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation Lahore had been planning to carry out a major strike on Haji Sadiq Group.

On 5.5.2021, information was received that 04 containers loaded with foreign origin smuggled cloth have been parked at the “Aarhat” of Haji Sadiq in Misri Shah Lahore.

A joint team of Directorate and ASO Lahore was constituted to carry out the operation under command of Deputy Collector Syed Kareem Adil, with Additional Director I&I Mr. Hassan Fareed in the Control Room.

Upon interception, Sailab Khan, Rafique Khan, Masood Khan and accomplices attacked the Customs team. They assaulted the Deputy Collector and one squad of Customs I&I.

As a result a sepoy was seriously injured. Collector MCC Preventive and Director I&I along with Additional Director I&I were contacted for additional support. Upon intervention of Director General I&I, and Member Customs (Ops) a heavy contingent of Lahore police was deployed and a thorough operation was then conducted by DC ASO Lahore and DD I&I.

Above mentioned 4 containers and 2 Mazda loads of additional cloth recovered, milk powder, Cigarettes and Chocolates were also recovered (approx) valuing Rs300 to Rs350 million.

The operation was successful because of the support by the Collector, Chief Collector, Director I&I, DG I&I and Member Customs.

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