HYDERABAD: Customs Hyderabad has seized 20 tons of smuggled betel nut, which was being transported from Quetta to Karachi in a 10-wheeler truck.

Information was passed through Collector Abdul Qadir Memon that smuggled goods would be moved from Quetta to Karachi, and subsequently the vehicle was intercepted at Jamshoro. The seized goods beling to smuggler Allauddin.

Meanwhile, one person identified as Zubair appeared before the Customs ASO to claim the possession of the goods, but Customs staff detained him for the night and he was let go after paying Rs2.0 million bribe to the Customs Hyderabad staff.

The seized goods are still in the possession of Customs Hyderabad.

Chief Collector Saifuddin Junejo has reportedly received an anonymous complaint about the wrongdoings and corruption at MCC Hyderabad.

The complaints notes that a BS-21 officer and a BS-19 officer of Customs Hyderabad were involved and patronizing the smuggling and illicit trade.

It was also known that one retired Inspector of ASO Hyderabad is running this entire game.