KARACHI: MCC Preventive has lodged an FIR against several persons for creating obstruction and hindrance in the prevention of smuggling and acquisitions, possession and sale of smuggled goods.

Information was passed through Collector Preventive Saquif Saeed to Additional Collector Haroon Malik that large quantity of foreign origin smuggled cigarette and contraband Indian origin goods were secreted at Marvi Market in Bolton Market.

On the instructions of Assistant Collector Shafiullah, the said premises was put under secret surveillance during which it was discovered that there existed danger that the concealed smuggled goods would immediately be removed therefrom.

The ASO team entered into the said premises and started conducting cursory search of the said premises which revealed the presence of foreign origin smuggled assorted brands cigarettes and Gutka, meanwhile, a mob consisting of 50-60 number of miscreants gathered there and started indiscriminate firing with intention to intimidate and threat the Customs officials which resultantly caused injuries to the persons present there and also created obstruction and hindrance to Customs officials duly engaged in the prevention of smuggling.

The said unscrupulous persons blocked the roads with vehicles bearing registration numbers viz: BH-9094 (Toyota Lexus), ARG-563 (Liana Car), BCC-407 (Toyota Corolla), AXK-586 (Toyota Corolla), BPG-421 (Toyota Corolla) and BHP-313 (Premio Car).

They were asked to produce documents to substantiate the lawful import procurement of said goods and let the Customs team perform its duty in accordance with law but some of the miscreants abruptly resorted to pelting stones and bricks at official vehicles and attempted to snatch official weapons.

The Customs team tried to diffuse the situation, however, the resistance turned more violent and miscreants caused injuries to the Customs officials, of them Havaldar Sher Muhammad was severely injured and damaged vehicles of Customs.

The said miscreants were identified as notorious smugglers namely Mansoor, Haji Wasey Benson wala, Sadiq JM Wala, Hakeem Safina wala, Allaudin, Attaullah, Mumtaz, Imran, Rahat, Shafique-ur-Rehman s/o Abdul Khaliq, Hafiz-ur-Rehman s/o Abdul Khaliq, Ain-ud-din s/o Noor-ud din, Muhammad Yousaf s/o Muhammad Naeem and Muhammad Deen.

At this juncture the citizens and other traders present in the vicinity were asked to become witnesses of the incident but they refused to comply stating that they cannot afford to be witness against the miscreants who are die hard criminals.

It is pertinent to mention here that the support of Sindh Police (SIU) was also sought, however the vulnerability of the situation bulwarked Customs team to continue the said operation.

Therefore, the said contraband and smuggled goods remained dumped inside the said premises.

A separate incident report with the Police has also been filed, which is also under enquiry.