Customs Intelligence and Investigation seizes smuggled fabric worth Rs30 million

HYDERABAD: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Hyderabad has seized large quantity of smuggled fabric along with the transporting vehicle. The value of the goods is Rs30 million and value of vehicle is Rs5.5 million.

Information was received from Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Islamabad through Director, Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Hyderabad that a consignment of foreign origin fabric is being smuggled from Quetta to upcountry.

Accordingly, the information was passed on to the team of ASO Sukkur who with the assistance of 51 Wing of Shahbaz Rangers, Kashmore intercepted the subject trailer at Dera More, Kashmore.

Preliminary examination of the container was conducted on the spot and found fully loaded with assorted foreign origin fabric in bales. On demand the driver of the vehicle produced a transportation bilty and import documents.

Meanwhile, the Director Dr. Sadiquallah Khan instructed Mr. Jamshed Ali Talpur, Additional Director, I&I (Customs), Hyderabad to depute a team of ASO Sukkur to take over the vehicle along with recovered fabric from Rangers Check Post.

Accordingly, the ASO Staff Sukkur headed by Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi, Deputy Director, I&I (Customs), Range Office, Sukkur took over the possession of the subject trailer/container, and documents along with driver.

The same was shifted to the premises of the Directorate, Range Office, Sukkur and detained for further legal proceedings. Thorough examination was carried out in the presence of Additional Director, I&I, Hyderabad and Deputy Director, Range Office, Sukkur which resulted into recovery of 17,480-kgs of foreign origin fabric.

The representative samples of fabric were drawn for confirmation of its actual description, and was forwarded to Customs Lab, Karachi. As per lab report, the description of the recovered/detained goods is different from the goods mentioned in the produced GD.

Since the actual description of goods does not match with the produced GD, it is confirmed that the goods are smuggled one and brought into the country through unauthorized routes and GD was presented to hoodwink the Custom authorities.

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