KARACHI: Appraising Officer Ashfaq-ur-Rehman retired on April 03, 2021. A farewell was held in his honor at MCC Port Qasim.

Collector Port Qasim Ashad Jawwad presented Aahfaq-ur-Rehman with the honorary shield and Ajrak. Ashad Jawwad appreciated the services of the retiring official and said Ashfaq was among some of the employees having complete command over their job adding that investigation and prosecution had been the forte of Ashfaq-ur-Rehman.

Appraising Officer Waheed Ashraf is also retiring next week. Additional Collector Javed Sarwar Sheikh presented Waheed with honorary shield and Ajrak.

Additional Collector Mushtaq Shahani presented another retiring Appraising Officer Ghulam Hussain Dogar with honorary shield and Deputy Collector Wasif Malik gave Dogar Ajrak and a bouquet.

All the recruits of the famous and competent technical batch have now retired. This technical batch which was appointed in 80s shaped the entire Customs operations. This technical batch was appointed purely on merit and the appointees belonged to middle class.

The officials of the technical batch included Javed Hasan, Kaleem Haider, Javed Akhtar, Mukhtar Shaikh, Abdul Majeed, Akhlaq Khanzada, Noor Elahi, Ibrahim Khan, Muzaffar Rizvi, Hamid Umer, Javed Ahsan, etc. All these officials have retired, they were experts in their respective fields.

Sadly, these officials were given extension contracts, not their skills and expertise were taken benefit of through appointing them as trainers.  These officials were so competent that they even trained the newly appointed civil servants back then.

Appraisers have been given the authority to reject or create the examination of the consignments is counter-productive. The appraisers are now only interested in filing their own pockets and they don’t bother to mention the reasons for rejecting examinations. There is no criteria for rejecting or creating examination of imported consignments.

Collector Ashad Jawad, Additional Collectors Javed Sarwar Sheikh, Mushtaq Shahani, Deputy Collectors Wasif Malik, Saima Butt, Shah Samad Hamdani, Jahangir Boyo, Principal Appraisers Imran Gul, Shahrukh, Amin Farooqui, Manzoor Rajpar, Appraising Officers Noor Elahi (retd), Khaliq-ur-Rehman, Maqsood Ahmed, Chaudry Asghar, Sher Khan, Haris Khan, Mian Yasin, Appraising Officers Association Sultan Aurungzeb, Anwar Zeb, and others were present on the occasion.