Additional Collector Afzal Watto gets container backlog cleared at SAPT, PICT

KARACHI: Traders and Custom agents took a sigh of relief, after Additional Collector Appraisement East Afzal Watto personally intervened to clear the pendency of container examination at SAPT and PICT.

President Karachi Custom Agents Association (Wasiq Hussain) said the terminal operators were not cooperating with the traders and Custom agents and containers were piling up at the port.

Terminal operators were not cooperating regarding grounding of containers, which was causing the port to choke up due to piling of containers, and the importers/custom agents were bearing demurrage resulting in increased cost.

However, Additional Collector Afzal Watto personally intervened and managed to clear the pendency, as well as talked to the terminal operators. Afterwards, over 300 containers were examined and processed at the terminals.

Wasiq Hussain said MCC Appraisement East, being the largest collectorate, is over-burdened with the examination and assessment tasks, and yet the traders and Custom agents were satisfied with performance of the collectorate.

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