KARACHI: Chief Collector Enforcement South Saifuddin Junejo has transferred Superintendent Abdul Ghaffar Lassi from MCC Preventive Karachi to MCC JIAP Karachi.

Abdul Ghaffar Lassi is a very competent and honest officer and was quite effective against smuggling. Following the transfer of Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan, Abdul Ghaffar was leading the anti-smuggling drive. Collector Preventive Saquif Saeed was under pressure that Lassi should be transferred.

The post of Chief Collector Enforcement was created by FBR to accommodate promoted officers. Earlier, Chief collector Enforcement was a show-case post as earlier chief collectors did not have the authority to transfer and postings.

Recently, Chief Collectors were given powers to transfer officers and officials ranging BS-01 to BS-19.

Sources said it was a good decision to empower Chief Collectors in order to keep a check on subordinate collectorates, but misuse of authority was quite disastrous and just one transfer could adversely impact the entire team.

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