I&I Quetta recovers looted smuggled betel nut from armed smugglers

QUETTA: Smugglers snatched an LPG Bowser loaded with seized betel nut, seized earlier, from Custom Intelligence and Investigation Quetta while the goods were being moved from one warehouse to another.

However, Customs staff with the assistance of Police managed to recover the snatched vehicle and smuggled betel nut.

Custom Intelligence and Investigation Quetta had seized a LPG bowser loaded with smuggled betel nuts near Lakpass. Bowser was shifted to Farooq warehouse located at airport road same day.

Two days later, Director Muhamad Ismail advised Deputy Director Amjad Rajpar to move the seized goods to Aryiana warehouse located at western bypass due to space constraints.

During the movement, some scoundrels stopped, opened fire and snatched the truck loaded with contraband items and a car in use of Custom Inspector Hamid Habib, who also received a bullet injury.

However, Custom staff kept chasing the culprits and after making strenuous efforts with help of Police recovered the snatched truck loaded with betel nuts, vehicle in use of Custom officer and also effected the recovery of Toyota Vigo.

SSP Qazi Ali, SHO Babar Baloch and SI Khyzar led the Police party.

FIR is lodged at Kharotabad Police Station against Haji Dawood and Abdullah Khan and investigations are underway.

An official said Customs staff had been given a uniform and arms, but they lacked proper training to deal with the smugglers who had grown much powerful. The official said the Customs staff should be imparted proper combat and defense training to deal with the smugglers.

Peshawar Police lodged an FIR against several culprits who abducted Customs staff on gun point and also stole a vehicle loaded with smuggled goods seized earlier.

Moreover, in Sheikhupura, Customs I&I Lahore seized goods and were attacked by the smugglers, however the armed assailants were repelled.

Customs staff in Karachi also encountered armed smugglers on several occasions.

Several employees of Pakistan Customs including Deputy Collector Abdul Qudoos were martyred by the hands of smugglers.

These elements have grown so powerful and are believed to be involved in terrorist activities.



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