Karachi Customs Agents concerned over stuck consignments due to mismanagement of PICT

KARACHI: Karachi Customs Agents Association informed through a press release that traders/Importers are facing loss of millions of rupees due to non-clearance of 73 import consignments because of mismanagement of Pakistan International Containers

Terminal Ltd (PICT) and Shipping Company/Agent M/s. Sharaf Shipping Agency. According to Import General Manifest (IGM) 90/2021, the vessel Segara Mas V-2100W had to berth at PICT on 24th February 2021 but amazingly PICT by claiming non availability of space turned the vessel towards SAPT, whereas 73 GDs had already been filed by the traders and paid duties and taxes worth million of rupees accordingly Upon berthing at South Asia Pakistan Terminal Ltd (SAPT) another 1GM 101/2021 was lodged by the shipping agent due to which 73 consignments have not been cleared yet.

In this regard the General Secretary Mr. Mehmood ul Hasan Awan informed that the shipping company was well aware that 73 index of VIR 90/2021 has been claimed vide Goods Declaration filed by the traders & customs agents.

In these circumstances, the shipping company should discharge cargo/ containers of 73 claimed Index at PICT and all other consignments should be discharged at SAPT if it was necessary.

M/s. Sharaf Shipping Agency in collaboration with PICT deliberately shifted vessel to SAPT to get additional cost from the traders on account of demurrage and container detention charges.

The management of Pakistan International Containers consignments outside its Bonded Area and do not provide facilities to examine the consignment to facilitate trade.

The negligence of terminal operator and shipping companies resulting unnecessary financial loss to the trade.

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