I&I Lahore seizes smuggled goods belonging to Haji Sadiq

LAHORE: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Lahore has seized a container stuffed with smuggled goods, which belonged to notorious smuggler Haji Sadiq. Haji Sadiq is the prime accused in the murder of Deputy Collector Abdul Qudoos.

Information was passed through Director Asad Raza Rizvi to Additional Director Hasan Farid that smuggled goods would be transported to Lahore from Punjab.

Therefore, Deputy directors Tayyeba Bokhari and Shahzad Ranja formed a team to intercept the container of smuggled goods.

Subsequently, the suspected container was spotted and examination led to recovery of large quantity of smuggled goods including cigarettes, iron padlocks, cutting discs, cosmetics, cream milk, toiletries, tyres, crockery and medicines etc.

The total value of seized goods comes to Rs 45.6 million approx.


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