KARACHI: A grand plan is jointly prepared by the smugglers and certain staff of Customs to support and facilitate organized smuggling, while the deals between smugglers and Customs officers have already been finalized, sources said.

According to sources Customs Hyderabad is at the center of this entire game, which would deprive national exchequer of its legitimate revenue, but fill the pockets of certain Customs officers and officials.

Sources said Qadir memon has recently been posted as Collector Hyderabad. Qadir Memon is a very honest and well reputed officer. However, a system has been devised by the officers to keep him toothless. A collector is helpless if his subordinate staff is supported by even higher officers to facilitate illegitimate business.

It is reliably known that Haji Sadiq’s brother Toofan Sadozai operates between Sukkur-Baluchistan, and he transports smuggled goods to up country. Haji Sadiq is the main accused in the murder of Deputy Collector Abdul Qudoos.

As these goods have to pass through the jurisdiction of Customs Hyderabad, a payment of Rs10 million/month would be made by Toofan to Customs Hyderabad.

According to details reaching Customnews.pk, several other smugglers have made deals with Customs Hyderabad.

Earlier, smugglers used to builty the goods and the builty document signed by the smugglers was showed at Customs post and the vehicles were not checked. Now, smugglers have communicated the numbers of vehicles with Customs authorities.

One Amanullah owns four vehicles including TKS-136; TKH-775, NAD-178, TAM-077. Another Allauddin owns six vehicles including NAA-631, TKG-964, TKK-627, TKC-782, TKJ-035, TKD-166 and Haji Abdul aka Abdu owns three vehicles including TKL-160, TKS-873, TKP-417.

They will pay Rs0.25 million/vehicle for every delivery, which would be shared by Customs staff including senior officers.

MCC Hyderabad has a very large jurisdiction ranging from Nooriabad to Obaru, and flow of smuggled goods has to pass through the jurisdiction of MCC Hyderabad to move to the markets of Punjab.

It is known that ‘Done Deals’ are being made by traders and smugglers for door-to-door delivery of smuggled goods. It is further known that auto parts can be delivered at the doorsteps of the traders for just Rs270/kg under these ‘done Deals’. If imported legaly, auto parts invite duty and taxes of around Rs2,000/kg.

Moreover, one Assistant Collector has recently been posted in Sukkur, as part of this entire setup.

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