MCC Preventive detains a vessel carrying Iran origin petroleum products

KARACHI: Customs Preventive Karachi has detained a vessel MT MORIOKA carrying Xylene and white spirit for mis-declaring the port of loading.

Information was received through Collector Saquif Saeed to Additional Collector Umar Shafique that a consignment of Xylene and White Spirt was intended for Karachi Port which will be declared to be of Oman origin and instead it will be loaded from Iran and would be of Iranian Origin.

The East Wind Shipping Company stated the cargo had been loaded from Oman and Iraq. The vessel was rummaged at Karachi and the in-charge of the conveyance admitted the goods were actually loaded from Iran and are of Iranian origin.

Sources said the captain of the vessel also admitted that the vessel never went to Oman or Iraq as was given in the Last Port of Call lists.

“The vessel is still at the port and has not been allowed to discharge yet or leave the port without prior permission till the process of recording of statements of all crew members is completed,” port sources said.

In this regard it submitted that the vessel has clearly violated the port of origin in this case and that port of origin is under various sanctions of the International Community and there is no banking channel through which the money could have been transferred.

Moreover, the price of Iranian cargo is far less than the Omani products and the amount transferred in this case is also bound to be huge.

“If the matter is analyzed it is suspected that huge amount has been or will be transferred over and above the legitimate price of the cargo, as such money has been intended to be laundered through state channels,” sources said.

Further scrutiny of the LC document reveals that this contract was bound for cargo originating from Oman and nowhere else as such the violation of LC has also been done by the Importers.

Sources said Customs authorities would request State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to nominate a focal person to lend assistance in the inquiry.

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