Delay in export examination of containers irks exporters

KARACHI: The exporters and Customs agents are frustrated because of unnecessary delay in the grounding and examination of export consignments at Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT).

An exporter said whenever import consignments were delayed the importers had to pay demurrage etc., but in case of exports if the container is delayed, the vessel lefts the port, which often results into cancelling of order, while sending a bad message to the buyer abroad.

He said that for the last three months, export examination of containers was being unnecessary delayed, and the exporters had to run pillar to post for getting the containers on the vessels at the 11th hour.

He said the staff was all focused towards imported consignments because of the ‘cut’ they got on every container.

Exporters urged the commerce Minister to look into this matter and resolve the issues facing exporters at Pakistan International Container Terminal.

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