FBR’s Vigilance Committee installs Customs ownership boards on encroached land

KARACHI: A team of Customs Officials under the supervision of Mr. Anwer Iqbal, Member Vigilance Committee for FBR’s Lands in Sindh, conducted an operation in Maurypur, Karachi today. The team installed Customs ownership signboards on 960 acres of land located in Land Customs Estate Maurypur, Karachi which is a part of the 4605.38 acres of federal land located in Maurypur, Karachi.

This land was marked as encroached in government documents as per letter C.No.6(4)/2018-Projects dated 08-03-2019 sent by the then Chief (Administration) Officer, to the Chief Commissioner, Corporate Regional Tax Office, Karachi and the Collector, Model Customs Collectorate, Karachi. The land was later cleared of encroachment and reclaimed from Adam Jokhio and his accomplices.

Thereafter letters are written to Commissioner Karachi and Deputy Commissioner (West) to notify them with regard to other encroachments on federal lands for which the Vigilance Committee and Customs are hopeful that this will result in further establishing the rights of federal government over its lands.

The on ground Customs team believes this land, on which the signboards were placed today, is more than 1,100 acres and a survey will be carried out to confirm the total measurement. This federal land reclamation is processed at the right time as the land may be utilized in Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme which will be beneficial to the low and middle income citizens.

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