Chief Collector Enforcement South transfers under-suspension Inspector Momin Hussain Shah

KARACHI: Chief Collector Enforcement South Saifuddin Junejo has transferred Inspector Syed Momin Hussain Shah from MCC Hyderabad to MCC Exports Karachi.

Interestingly, Momin Hussain Shah is under suspension since January 25, 2021.

Recently, the FBR gave powers to all chief Collectors that they could transfer officials and officers ranging BS-01 to BS-19. Taking advantage of these powers, Chief Collector Junejo notified transfer of Momin Hussain Shah.

Sources said Inspector Momin Shah had been suspended because of the influence of Saifuddin Junejo. Sources said Inspector Momin had information that certain smuggled goods would be transported in a government vehicle.

Subsequently, Momin stopped a government number vehicle for checking, but that government number vehicle was not transporting smuggled goods. In fact, Saifuddin Junejo was moving in that vehicle.

Getting aware of the situation, Momin explained to Junejo the reason for stopping his car and Junejo’s car was let go.

However, Junejo took it as an insult and pulled some strings and got Momin hussain Shah suspended.

Saifuddin Junejo is set to retire in April 2021, and before his retirement, Chief Collector notified transfers of Inspector Momin Hussain Shah and Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan.

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