KARACHI: Directorate of IPR Enforcement South has forfeited a consignment of cosmetics (makeup items), which were the counterfeit of well-known international brands and had been imported from china.

Rehman Traders, Quetta imported a consignment of miscellaneous items from China through MCC appraisement East Karachi comprising make-up goods bearing well-known marks including HUDA BEAUTY, ANASTASIA and VICTORIA SECRET.

On complaint received from respective right-holders of HUDA BEAUTY. VICTORIA SECRET” and “ANASTASIA the consignment was blocked and examination was carried out.

Detailed examination and scrutiny of the consignment showed the owner of the goods, Rehman Traders had imported make-up items bearing the will-known UAE trademark HUDA BEAUTY”, as well as origin PRC” printed thereon and bearing the well-known USA trademark “VICTORIA SECRET” AND “ANASTASIA as well as origin “PRC” printed thereon. The consignment has originated from China.

These trademarks are protected in Pakistan. Directorate of IPR Enforcement South examined the goods in terms of their visible features, i.e. trademark. trade description printed thereon etc as well as the fact that the country of origin is shown as China and consignment carried these three products as made in UAE and two as made in USA. Thereby, indicating false trade description.

The owner of the goods was given an opportunity to explain its position to which Rehman Traders requested in writing to confiscate the infringing goods.

On the directives of Director Nyma Batoon, Directorate of IPR Enforcement South is focused on stopping inflow of counterfeit and infringing products particularly those which may be hazardous of human health and life.

Recently, the Directorate detected to blocked clearance of counterfeit automobile parts. These counterfeit and sub0standard parts pose serious risks to road safety and wellbeing of the passengers of vehicles.

Pakistan has an IP protection system that has particular characteristics and conforms to international rules.

An official said Pakistan Customs vigorously promoted the institutional and systematic development of the system of IP enforcement.

It may be mentioned here that markets across the country particularly chains of stores offering lucrative discounts to lure in customers are involved in selling counterfeit products including cosmetics, which are sub-standard and may contain toxic materials. These harmful ingredients will cause skin irritation, rash or infection, and many are linked to a higher risk of cancer.

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