SHC dismisses SCRA by Mehran Spices & Food Industries

KARACHI: A Special Customs Reference Application filed by Mehran Spices & Food Industries was dismissed by a customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC).

The applicant questioned the judgment by the Special Custom Appellate Tribunal (SCAT) which upheld the outright confiscation of a consignment of spices and Kheer mix re_imported into Pakistan after U.A.E authorities rejected the same. The rejected items having a shelf life of three years were reimported after eighteen months. As the consignment arrived, the importer/applicant sought exemption from duty and taxes.

The respondent custom officials declined the request as such exemption is available to item imported wiring a year only.

The importer/applicant challenged the departmental denial of exemption and successive orders against him before the Tribunal which ordered confiscation of the consignment.

The applicant impugned the judgement of the tribunal in instant SCRA before the SHC which after a detailed hearing dismissed the same.

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