Cartel of fabric importers caught illegally removing and replacing of dutiable goods meant for in-bonding

KARACHI: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi has lodged an FIR against several including M/s S.S Enterprises, M/s Moon Star International, M/s Roshan Star Traders, M/s Pukhraj Traders for illegal removal and replacement of dutiable foreign origin goods meant for in-bonding to Customs Bonded Warehouse.

Director Karachi Khalil Yousafani passed the information to Additional Director Rana Tasleem that certain importers of fabric are engaged in the illegal removal of dutiable goods from Customs Bonded Warehouse of M/s Hecotax.

Scrutiny of data revealed that above mentioned importers imported huge quantity of foreign origin assorted fabric from MCC Appraisement West and East against into bond GDs for M/s Hecotax warehouse.

Deputy Director Tauseef Gorchani formed a team comprising Senior Intelligence Officers Muhamad Sadiq, Liaquat Ali, IOs Muhammad Abid and Aqeel Alam to audit the goods at the bonded warehouse.

Physical examination only found cut pieces of fabric and artificial leather instead of actual imported foreign origin assorted fabric. The value of illegally removed goods is worked out to be Rs299.65 million involving duty and taxes of Rs165.28 million.

During the course, it was known that one more consignment of foreign origin fabric of M/s S.S Enterprises was also under clearance at the port.

However, Additional Director Rana Tasleem and Deputy Director Tauseef Gorchani decided not to block this new consignment and instead follow it.

Subsequently, this new consignment of M.s S.S Enterprises was caught being replaced near Chamra Chowrangi Korangi Industrial Area, which were accordingly seized.

The import value of seized foreign origin fabric is Rs58.29 million and evaded taxes of Rs36.01 million. Total value of illegal removed goods and seized goods comes to Rs357.94 million involving evaded duty and taxes of Rs201.3 million.

An FIR is lodged against M/s S.S Enterprises, M/s Moon Star International, M/s Roshan Star Traders, M/s Pukhraj Traders, drivers Muhammad Atlas and Zainullah Khan and Muhamad Asif.

The role of Customs staff of clearance collectorates, M/s Hecotax bonded warehouse, clearing agents and others associates will be determined during the course of investigation.

It may be mentioned here that ASO of Customs Intelligence and Investigation had become almost dormant in past but with the posting of present team led by Director Khalil Yousafani, Additional Director Rana Tasleem, Deputy Director Tauseef Gorchani and others, ASO has become a very efficient and active outfit.

The intelligence network has been strengthened and dedication of the team led to detection of mega scams such as misuse of Export Processing Zone and replacement of consignments during transit.

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