KARACHI: Javed Khalid Appraiser MCC Appraisement and Facilitation East retired today after completing 39 years of a truly remarkable and illustrious carrier.

Over the last few years many experienced and talented Appraisers have left Custom House after completion of their stipulated official carrier leaving behind new un-experienced lot of Appraisers.

No doubt these appraisers are literate I.T conversant and intelligent young peoples but there is no alternate to experience so let us hope and pray for the success of this young lot.

Coming back to the actual topic as yet another great is ready to bow out. Customnews.pk presents a portrait of one such great Officer of Customs whom has retired on 30th January 2021.

Mr. Javed Khalid appointed as Examiner in 1982 having worked in all the Collectorates of Karachi as well as Quetta during 39 years he remained posted for 25 years in Appraising intelligence branch E.I.B and R&D in different tenures where he unearthed several scams investigated about 57 F.I.Rs in which as many as 23 cases accused persons were convicted.

As Appraising Officer Mr. Javed Khalid joined PACCS as pioneers and paved the way along with others for rolling out of PACCS at various stations of Karachi.

He has been instrumental in recovery of billions of rupees as Assessment Officer and Recovery Officer. Besides being an efficient functionary of Customs Department.

Mr. Javed Khalid was a known leader of cadre and was elected as General Secretary twice and President of Examining Officer association and remained member of PCOA. He was one of the most vocal leaders of the cadre for which he had to pay price in the shape of loss of postings and transferred to distant Collectorates and had to remain away from his home and family.

An official said technical appraisers appointed in past have almost all retired. The gap will not be filed by new appraising officers, as most of the newly appointed appraisers have indulged in corruption. They are only interested in filing their own pockets and least interested in securing government revenue.

The official said these retiring assets should be utilized for the training of new comers.




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