Mehmood ul Hasan Awan
General Secretary (2020-2021)

I extend my warm felicitations to officials of the Pakistan Customs. The World Customs organization is celebrating its 69th anniversary this year and we are proud that Pakistan Custom is playing a key role in development of this progressive country through efficient targeted controls and the facilitation of lawful trade. The World Customs Organization (WCO), has announced that 2021 will be devoted to the united efforts of the global Customs community to take on a leadership role, use innovative technologies, and collaborate with its stakeholders in bracing for the future, with the slogan “Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience for a sustainable supply chain.”

In the beginning of year 2020 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 became a pandemic and escalated throughout the world, due to which our beloved country Pakistan is facing serious challenges. The COVID-19 cases rampantly increased in Pakistan and the Government closely monitored the situation. Multiple provinces opted to go into a state of lockdown including the City of Karachi, this crucial decision aimed to safeguard the best interest of people of Pakistan by curtailing further spread of the virus.

During the reconstruction process after the disruption the pandemic had caused on the global supply chains, Customs will be called upon to play a leadership role, at national and international levels.  The COVID-19 crisis has proven that coordinated border management is possible, efficient, and can be further institutionalized at international and national levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also shown the importance of the integration of major innovative and technological concepts into Customs operations. These include all-digital and paperless clearance methods, and the use of technology for implementing effective controls and facilitating, enhancing and accelerating the processes. Inspections can be facilitated by using non-intrusive devices. Other technological advances such as block chain or artificial intelligence can also offer tangible benefits in terms of collecting, combining, sharing and analyzing data, and these benefits should be maximized.

In order to address the vulnerability of Customs to systemic risks such as pandemics, Customs administrations will be called upon to build on the lessons learned. To create greater resilience, “people” should be at the centre of the recovery model. Customs will have to rethink the way they operate, and enhance the preparedness of their staff through awareness raising and capacity building for the provision of a professional service, with Integrity remaining high on their agenda.

I feel proud to state that in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we as Custom Agents are the bridge between the industry, trade and customs and we are responsibly working day and night to facilitate the trade and to support the country’s economy by making on time customs clearance of consignments.

This is a great pleasure that Al-Mighty Allah give us this opportunity to represent the Karachi Customs Agents Association which is one of the largest and most proactive Association in Pakistan having more than 3000 members who are playing a vital role for the collection of budget targets fixed by Federal Government for FBR time to time. I on behalf of Managing Committee of Karachi Customs Agents Association pay our gratitude and well wishes to Pakistan Custom & World Custom Organization on World Customs Day.