Imran Khan, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan, after a period of economic instability is finally entering an era of sustainable economic growth. This shift has been brought about through a major policy change of focusing rapid industrialization and export-led growth. CPEC and the projects accompanying it, have provided the country the opportunity for improving connectivity through its seaports and borders, for its regional trade partners. A well-connected Pakistan shall go a long way in making the country the most favorable economic corridor in the region. This opportunity to develop and sustain trade hubs and industrial zones along these routes, by creating a thriving economic environment,  would attract further business and investment in the country and boost exports, thus, accelerating us forward on the path of sustainable  economic growth.

World Customs Organization’s slogan for the year 2021, “Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience for sustainable supply chain” has come at the most opportune time for Pakistan as it reflects well the country’s plan of providing connectivity within the region and to the outside world. Pakistan Customs, enabled by its footprint across the country and mandated to secure the economic frontiers by facilitating legitimate trade and combating smuggling, is placed at a strategic position to lead this effort.

With the onset of COVID-19, the greatest challenge faced by the country was to maintain the supply chain through optimum utilization of resources for timely provision of goods especially the medical supplies. Pakistan Customs succeeded in ensuring seamless flow of trade in these difficult times, when the pandemic spread was at its peak, while adhering to the slogan of WCO.

I congratulate the officers and staff of Pakistan Customs for their contribution in making Pakistan dynamic and trade friendly country. I hope that Pakistan Customs is celebrating International Customs Day today, with the resolve to further improve the supply chains and international trades for greater economic good of the country. I wish them success in their endeavor.