Collector MCC E&C, Karachi



Muhammad Saqif Saeed, Collector MCC E&C, Karachi

World Customs Organization has dedicated the International Customs Day for year 2021 to the theme “Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience for a Sustainable Supply Chain”. The slogan signifies the unique role of Customs Administrations around the world in getting the world economy on the road to sustained and resilient recovery. During the current pandemic, not only Pakistan but the entire world experienced severe shocks to the economy with special ramifications for the supply chain of essential services. I am glad to observe that Pakistan kept its key ports open and Pakistan Customs worked 24 x 7 in order to keep the wheels of the economic engine up and running without compromising on the preventive measures for the coronavirus pandemic. I hope that 2021 brings a year of high spirits and look forward to working with a sense of devotion and spirit of duty.

At the outset of 2021, Pakistan has begun to come out of the coronavirus pandemic affects as one of the very few countries who have pulled off quite an appropriate response to the said pandemic. In this, Pakistan Customs’ role has been very important, as it ensured an uninterrupted flow of international supply chain while ensuring strict adherence to preventive measures. We guaranteed unabated clearance of goods at seaports, airports, dry-ports and at land border stations throughout the year. Moreover, revenue targets assigned to Pakistan Customs by the Federal Government were also achieved despite decline in imports. Pakistan Customs contributed towards increase in exports through implementing Federal Government’s policy of trade facilitation. I hope the next year turns out to be a continued episode of improvisation in service to the nation and preservation of its indomitable spirit.

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