Chief Collector (Enforcement-South), Karachi



Dr. Saifuddin Junejo Chief Collector Enforcement (South)

On the International Customs Day 2021, I would like to felicitate the entire Customs’ fraternity on behalf of Pakistan Customs. This year, the World Customs Organization (WCO) is celebrating this day under the theme “Customs, bolstering Recovery, Renewal, and Resilience for a Sustainable Supply Chain” .

In today’s world, ensuring security and sustainability of international supply chains has become one of the top most priorities of all states especially in the wake of disruptions caused in supply chains due to coronavirus pandemic. The prime responsibility for this task falls on the shoulders of Customs administrations around the world. As the last year witnessed severe threats of disruption to international supply chains in Pakistan, Pakistan Customs had an uphill task on its plate. It is heartening to note that Pakistan Customs not only achieved its revenue targets assigned by the Federal Government despite a fall in imports, our sea ports, airports, dry ports and land border stations were kept up and running in a smooth manner with spirit of trade facilitation, integrity and devotion that is the hallmark of Pakistan Customs. Pakistan Customs has not only effectively handled the crises in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic; it has also contributed a great deal in ensuring quick economic recovery and uninterrupted supply chains for trade and industry. I wish Pakistan Customs best of luck in its future endeavors.

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