Gul Rehman,

Chief Collector Balochistan.

Customs is one of the leading national agencies of the country which ensures secure national borders, prospering businesses and increasing revenues.

This is done by strict and vigilant enforcement measures, implementation of laws and regulations protecting local industry, facilitating indigenous trade and expanding its domestic reach by erstwhile deletion programs etc.

This year’s theme perfectly fits the role of customs. The theme is “Customs Bolstering Recovery Renewal and Resilience for a sustainable supply chain”

It is imperative to stress on our role as a facilitator more than a revenue generator. We need to go extra distance in order to adapt to the recent testing times.

Greater the cooperation and understanding between all stakeholders, greater will be the recovery process back from global pandemic.

Implementation of WCO e-frame work standards on e-Commerce can greatly address security concerns and facilitate trade amongst comity of nations.

The advanced technologies need to be adapted for Renewal rather than adopting previous outdated procedures.

Recent Pandemic has drastically changed the ways of doing business in more smarter ways as were being promoted by the World Customs Organization (WCO) for years.

Non intrusive examinations reliance on advanced technologies are the future of Customs clearance.

The Customs has to rethink and adapt to new techniques in changing times. The capacity building of the staff is to be increased with changing trends in world trade. It is reiterated here that resilience can’t be achieved without integrity diversity and inclusion. Customs has to rise to meet WCO slogan 2021.