Mikko Koskimies appointed CEO of eQ Plc

HELSINKI: eQ Plc’s Board of Directors has decided to appoint Mikko Koskimies as CEO of eQ Plc.

Mikko Koskimies acts currently as the Managing Director of eQ Asset Management Ltd and will continue also in this position after the nomination. The appointment will take effect on 1 April 2021.

Major shareholders of eQ Plc have proposed to the Annual General Meeting, that the current CEO of eQ Plc, Janne Larma, is elected as a member to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has decided that, if the company’s Annual General Meeting decides on the composition of the Board of Directors in accordance with the proposal of the shareholders, the Board of Directors will elect Janne Larma as the Chair of the Board.

In addition, eQ’s Board of Directors has entered into an agreement with Janne Larma regarding full-time Chair of the Board position.

The agreement is conditional on eQ Plc’s Annual General Meeting electing him as a member of the Board.

The position would start on 1 April 2021, and in addition to assuming the role of Chair of the Board of Directors, Mr. Larma’s duties would include e.g. developing eQ’s strategy together with the CEO.

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