LAHORE: MCC Preventive Multan has assigned officers with special tasks for the purpose of carrying out counter smuggling operation against illegal petroleum products.

As per the Prime Minister’s directives to eradicate the menace of smuggling, of petrol and diesel, which was one of the factors that FBR missed its revenue targets, action has been initiated against  illegal fuel stations, installed in the Punjab, starting from 11th January, 2021.

In order to ensure timely completion of the task, a dedicated team of officers of Pakistan Customs, comprising well-reputed Additional and Deputy Collectors, was constituted by FBR and posted in Multan Region for taking action against illegally installed petrol pumps in the areas under the jurisdiction of MCC (Multan), that is, from Sadiqabad to Mianwali.

The area, which roughly comprises 650 Kms, has been divided into eight regions which will be supervized by each Deputy/Assistant Collector. The team has so far sealed around 400 illegal petrol pumps. It is anticipated that same exercise will be replicated in other provinces as well.

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