KARACHI: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi in collaboration with Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PSMA) seized 429 Kgs of Heroin Powder and Ice Crystal from a fishing boat in Arabian Sea on Monday.

The seized narcotics, including 202 Kgs of Heroin powder and 227 Kgs of Ice Crystal, are worth Rs16 billion ($100 million approximately) in the international market.

It was a joint intelligence based operation of Maritime Security Agency and I&I Karachi in the Arabian Sea.

Information was shared between Director Khalil Yousufani, Additional Director Rana Tasleem, Deputy Director Toseef Gorchani and PSMA officers Commoddre Salman, Lft Commodor Imran, Lft Muhammad Ahmad. The raiding team also included Intelligence Officers Sadiq Hussain, Adil Alam and Liaquat Ali.

This a record seizure of narcotics and exemplary competence of I&I Karachi.

On the instructions of Director Khalil Yousufani, Additional Director Rana Tasleem and Deputy Director Toseef Gorchani have strengthened the intelligence network and increased the vigilance.

Despite scarcity of resources, I&I Karachi has shown an extraordinary performance in eliminating menace of smuggling.

Many states are directly affected by the drug trade that occurs in the Indian Ocean region, both economically and socially.

These detrimental effects are felt throughout many different countries, in a variety of ways, such as a possible increase in drug use by the populations and heightened levels of corruption.

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