Initiatives taken by KCAA in respect of Customs Duties and Taxes through E-Payment

KARACHI: The Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) notified that with effectfrom 2nd January 202, the collection of Custom duties and taxes exceeding Rs1.0 millionwill be collected through E-payment.

The E-payment system shall provide round the clock facility to the taxpayers for their payments.

In this regard KCAA further informed that on the request of Karachi Customs Agents Association, a
comprehensive joint meeting has been conducted by the State Bank of Pakistan through video link headed by the Director Finance Department of State Bank of Pakistan and attended by more than 60 Regional Heads of all designated Banks and KCAA’s delegation was held on 7th January
2021, wherein the issues pertaining to banking sectors were discussed.

In order to facilitate the trade and taxpayers several decisions were taken by the competent
authorities of State Bank of Pakistan.

It was decided that for the poyment of Custom Duties and Taxes, any amount can be paid through cheque in any branch of same bank alongwith PSID instead of following the process
for issuance of Pay order.

However in case any variation, the excess/additional amount of taxes will be collected through cash or in case the taxed amount is less than of the cheque amount, the excess amount will be deposited in the account of taxpayers just tike PD Account.

KCAA stated that few banks have different limits for account holders and they do not allow payment of duty and taxes of more than their assigned /authorized limits through the module of e-payment.

It was agreed by the State Bank of
Pakiston that no capping limit will be fixed in future, the taxpayers and stakeholders can pay customs duties and taxes without having any limits.

KCAA also pointed out that Corporate Customers do not have ATM Cards, Mobile Apps and Internet Banking, hence they are unable to make online payment for duty and taxes.
Particularly the corporate sector does not even have access to on-Line Banking and they have to make payments through conventional method of submitting pay orders or cheques.
Corporate Sector who are willing to make e-payment for duty and taxes should have 24/7 module for facilitation of payments.

ln this regard it was decided by the SBP that in near future all such facilities will be provided to the corporate sectors.
Few Bank like Standard Chartered, Samba Bank etc already providing net Banking to corporqte sectors

It has been observed that while custom duties and taxes paid through E-Payment the aknowledgement of payment challan are delayed for 2 to 3 days. Now the matter has been fixed, the acknowledgntent payment challan will be generated on real time basis.

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