KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West and MCC Appraisement East have initiated a thorough scrutiny of the record pertaining to import and clearance of used vehicles in the past few years, while MCC Appraisement East has lodged three more FIRs for fraudulent import of used vehicles.

An official said data scrutiny in strict manner is under way at both East and West Collectorates against big names like Arhumz, Muneeb Trading, Jumbo International, Sea King, Moon International, Innovative and few more that may have been involved in fraudulent import and clearance of vehicles.

Collector Engr. Riaz Memon MCC East formed a team led by Assistant Collector Akmal Shahzad Durrani and comprising Superintendent Saud Khan, Appraising Officers Junaid Ahmed, Zeeshan Hayat, Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto to conduct Post Release Verification (PRV) of imported vehicles. Additional Collector Shakir Ali is supervising the team.

Additional Collector MCC West Zubair Shah has formed a team led by Principal Appraiser R&D Tauseef Sheikh and comprising Appraising Officer Ghani Soomro to scrutinize data of vehicles import.

Three more FIR are lodged against importer Muhammad Hussain, Clearing Agent Muhammad Yaseen of M/s JY International. Another is lodged against importer Abdul Sami, Clearing Agent Javed Akhtar of M/s Clearing Management Services and Shafiq-ur-Rehman of M/s PAKHAL Enterprises.

FIR is also lodged against importer Akhtar, Clearing Agents Muhammad Rizwan and Muhammad Faisal.

Muhammad Faisal is the main person in this scam and has been arrested by R&D East team and obtained 6-day remand from court. R&D Team is led by Assistant Collector Ali Asad and comprises of Principal Appraiser Shahrukh, Malak Hashim and others.

Amjad Shah of Aruamz Associates said he had a clean record and made no violations of any law.
Shah said the clearing agents and importers could not commit crimes without the involvement of Customs staff.