Meeting of Vigilance Committee on FBR’s lands in Sindh held

KARACHI: A meeting  of Vigilance Committee on FBR’s lands in Sindh was held on Wednesday, January 06, 2021 in the Conference Room of 5th Floor, Custom House in Karachi. The meeting was attended by:-
1. Mr. Jamil Yousuf (Chairman, Vigilance Committee)
2. Dr. Saifuddin Junejo (Chief Collector Customs Enforcement South / Secretary, Vigilance Committee)
3. Mr. Haroon Malik (Additional Collector)
4. Mr. Arsalan (Assistant Collector)
5. Mr. Anwar Iqbal (Member, Vigilance Committee)
6. Mr. Samar Khan (Member, Vigilance Committee)
7. Mr. Navaid Malik (Member, Vigilance Committee)
The Committee discussed the matter of 960 acres of FBR Land located in Maurypur, Karachi which was previously stated as encroached by the Federal Government. After prolonged efforts of Mr. Anwar Iqbal, Member of Vigilance Committee, this federal land was reclaimed from the infamous land grabber Adam Jokhio and his accomplices.
The Committee stressed upon sending notices and taking action against all encrochers on Federal lands in Sindh. Legal action through courts and engagement of law enforcement agencies was also discussed. It was proposed that federal government’s ownership sign boards and boundary walls will be erected to safeguard national assets from future encroachment.
The Committee was in the favour of maintaining records of FBR’s lands and report on unused assets to benefit the exchequer.
This urgent meeting was held with instructions from Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue, with whom the minutes will be shared for direct supervision and Mr. Tariq Huda, Member Customs, will be kept in the loop for immediate action.
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