QUETTA: Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Quetta seized large quantity of smuggled goods along with transporting vehicles. The total value of the goods and vehicles seized comes to Rs156 million.

Information was passed through Director Mohammed Ismail to Deputy director Dr Zohaib that a huge quantity of foreign origin miscellaneous goods would be transported down to country in trailers and bus.

A team comprising Intelligence Officer S.Hamid Habib, Inspector Shabier Khan and others to intercept the convoy of vehicles carrying smuggled goods.

Customs Quetta staff intercepted three trailers, a bus and one LP0G Bowser, and recovered 65 tons of betel nut, cloth, motorcycle auto parts, cigarettes, Chinese salt and tyres. The value of the seized goods is Rs105.73 million, while value of seized vehicles is Rs52 million.

This is a landmark case, wherein large quantity of smuggled goods were recovered from LPG Bowser. Investigations are under way.

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