Directorate of IPR seizes counterfeit goods

KARACHI: Directorate of IPR Enforcement Karachi has seized counterfeit ungrooved blank keys of Honda, Nissan, Suzuki brands; rechargeable torch of GEPASS and electric cigarettes of Crocodile brand.

M/s Siddiqui Impex imported miscellaneous items, comprising of un-grooved blank keys of brand “Honda”, “Nissan”, ”Suzuki”, Rechargeable LED torch of brand “Gepass” and Electric Cigarettes of brand “Crocodile” from China and sought clearance throughMCC Appraisement East.

On Enforcement Application of M/s Indus Motors Company and M/s Brand Protection System (the right holders), the above-said consignment was up hold by the Directorate of IPR on grounds of containing counterfeit/infringing goods, a conclusion arrived at by comparing the packing list filed by the importer of the goods alongside the goods declaration.

The samples of the “infringing goods” were requisitioned from the clearance Collectorate, and the trademarks printed thereon compared with the corresponding trademarks in the IPO Recordation Database, the repository of trademarks registered in Pakistan.

It was established the importer is not the right-holder of Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Crocodile and Gepass. The goods are found to be counterfeit and therefore seized.

Director IPR Enforcement Naima Batool said their prime focus was on import of counterfeit auto parts to ensure safety of traffic and commuters. Earlier, Directorate IPR Enforcement had seized counterfeit automobile airbags.

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