Hardships being faced by the trade in the clearance of consignments at Containers and Off-Dock Terminals

The Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA), in a press release, informed that major delays are being observed in the clearance of cargo (Import and Export) at all Terminals, it is an alarming situation for trade.

It has been observed that all terminals are taking extra time for grounding of containers and arranging the cargo for the examination that is causing an increase in the cost of doing business in the shape of heavy Container Detention Charges and Port Storage/Demurrage which are being charged in US$ and the same amount is remitting by the terminal operators and shipping companies to their principal offices. Furthermore, we would like to point out that dwell time also increase due to shortage of handling equipment, skilled labor and even their tariff rates are variable.

It is pertinent to mention that theft, pilferage and damage cases are being reported regularly inside the premises of Terminals/Off-Dock Terminals, as there is no proper arrangement of CCTV Cameras to monitor the examination yard/area as well as there is no mechanism to compensate the trade in case of any loss.

All the terminals are licensed to facilitate the trade under terminal rules specified in Licensing Rule-2001 promulgated in SRO.450(I)/2001 are not being complied in its true spirit, that is causing hardship in the clearance of cargo.

In this regard KCAA also expressed deep concern on this issue and stated that the matter was taken up with all Terminal several times, but no fruitful results have been achieved.

KCAA further stated that Export shipments are not being prioritized by the terminal operators resulting shut out the containers as well as increase in the cost of doing business.

KCAA requested to the concerned authorities of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Pakistan Customs and the Management of all terminals operators / off-docks operators to take immediate action in order to avoid further delay and to compensate the losses being faced by the trade and industry due to delay at the end of terminal operators.

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