Secretary FTO Sarwat Tahira Habib retires

KARACHI: Sarwat Tahira Habib (BS-22), Secretary FTO, retired on Tuesday.

In her owner, senior FBR officers including Chairman Javed Thank held a farewell reception.

DG I&I Customs Abdul Rasheed Sheikh, a BS-22 officer, will be moved soon because DG I&I Customs is a BS-21 office. He will be posted on a BS-22 office.

Several BS-21 officers are vying for the office of DG I&I Customs. Chaudry Zulfiqar is ahead in the race and he is making efforts to win the office.
Zeba Hai and Saifuddin Junejo are two other candidates for the post as per seniority.
However, on merit junior BS-21 officers are able and be appointed for the office.
It may be mentioned here two transfer postings in the Directorate General came quite surprising as Director I&I Karachi Yaqoob Mako and Director I &I Quetta Samiul Haq were transferred before the expiry of their term.

Mako is a well reputed and competent officer, but he had resisted the undue interference of DG in his directorate’s affairs. And he was transferred.

Similarly, Samiul Haq lodged 55 FIRs pertaining to smuggled vehicles, and he was also arresting against the owners of non custom paid vehicles.
Customs only seized the smuggled vehicles and let the owners go.
Sources said Haq was under severe pressure, and then a bogus complaint was lodged against him.
He was doing a great service which would discourage car smuggling to a great extent.

To recall, Shahnaz Maqbool had also resisted then Chief Collector Abdul Rasheed Sheikh and was transferred pre-matute from the office of Collector MCC Appraisement West.

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