KARACHI: Keeping in line with the directions of Abdul Rasheed Shaikh, Director General, Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Islamabad to curb the menace of smuggling of contraband goods, Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan, Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Hyderabad instructed the heads of ASO Wing Jamshed Ali Talpur, Additional Director and Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi Deputy Director to keep extra vigilance on the movement of contraband goods and narcotics.

Consequently, pursuing a reliable source that contraband Hashish (Charas) would be transported from the Tando Adam to Hyderabad under the coverage of Guava Fruits packed in wooden boxes loaded on the vehicle i.e. old & used Toyota Hiace Van (without registration) in white colour.

Accordingly, the received information, the team of ASO Wing, Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Regional Office, Hyderabad undertook active surveillance at Hala Naka near Shaheed Benazirabad Flyover, Hyderabad on 20th December, 2020. One of staff member spotted the subject Toyota Hiace Van and pointed to stop at about 11:00 pm, the said Hiace Van was stopped but the driver of the said Van managed to escape taking advantage of darkness and rush of traffic.

Due to darkness and rush of traffic the driver could not be apprehended. After that, the said Hiace Van was taken into custody and cursory checking/search of the said vehicle was carried out on the spot in the presence of two independent musheers which resulted into recovery of contraband Hashish (Charas) kept under the garb of Guava Fruits packed in 02 wooden boxes.

Since the information was authentic regarding contraband Hashish (Charas), therefore, the said vehicle alongwith recovered goods escorted to the office of the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Regional Office, Hyderabad under the cover of mushimama. Thorough examination of the goods/vehicle was carried out which resulted into recovery of 32 slabs of Hashish (Charas) wrapped with green plastic packing, marked as peets, each slab weighing 01-Kilograms, total weight is 32-Kilograms.

The current market value of the recovered smuggled contraband Hashish (Charas) is approximately Rs.3.2 Million and vehicle Rs.2 Million (Approx).

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