MCC Exports busts drug trafficking ring

KARACHI: MCC Exports has made major headwinds in investigation regarding detection of heroine concealed in consignments of footballs.

Collector Exports Fawad Shah had assignd Deputy Collector Amjad Leghari and Principal Appraiser Muhammad Ahmed to investigate the case. In a record time, through consistent, coordinated and proactive approach, the MCC Exports team apprehended the real racket involved in this heinous crime.

The report has been sent to the Chief Collector and the Challan will be submitted before the Court on December 26, 2020.

Four employees of Customs agent namely Malik Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Naseer, Ateeq-ur-Rehman and Ateeh Khan appearing on behalf of exporter were taken into custody the same day of the seizure of goods. Within the next 48 hours the exporter namely Naeem-ur-Rehman was arrested from Sialkot.

During investigation, Naeem-ur-Rehman pointed out that a resident of Sialkot M. Kashif Iqbal was directly involved in the crime. Soon, Kashif Iqbal’s son and brother I law were arrested who had assisted the accused in packing the narcotics.

On November 26th, Kashif Iqbal was admitted in a hospital for attempting to commit suicide by taking poison. However, he was saved by the doctors. He was arrested and named Adqas Afzal Butt as an associate in the drug trafficking business.

Butt was also arrested in Sialkot and brought to Karachi, who admitted his pivotal role in the dirty business.




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