FBR notifies procedure for premature retirement, pension and leave encashment

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified procedure for issuance of retirement & premature/voluntary retirement notification, submission of pension papers, and request for leave encashment.

While submitting the cases of retirement, pension papers and encashment of LPR for officers of field formations, the following documents must be attached with the application:


(i) Application of the officer along with attested copies of CNIC and payslip

(ii) Prescribed certificate regarding disciplinary and criminal proceedings (format enclosed)

(iii) Even if an officer does not submit application to the head of field formation for issuance of his/her retirement notification, it shall be incumbent upon the respective head to submit documents to the Board for issuance of retirement notification at least 3 months prior to his/her superannuation


The option for pre-mature/voluntary retirement after rendering 25 years of qualifying service shall be submitted along with all requisite documents mentioned above at least 06 months before the date of voluntary retirement with specific recommendations of the concerned Head of the field formation.


(i) Each page of pension papers must be signed and stamped (by name) by the DDO/Account Officer concerned and countersigned by the respective Chief Commissioner/Director General/Chief Collector/ Collector

(ii) Pension application along with three attested photographs

(iii) LPC (in original) issued by concerned AGPR/Sub-Offices of AGPR or District Accounts Officer (as the case may be)

(iv) CNIC of the pensioner

(v) Prescribed certificate regarding disciplinary and criminal proceedings

(vi) No column of the pension papers should be left blank. Even if it is NIL, the same may be incorporated. Any irrelevant or inapplicable columns should be struck down

(vii) While forwarding the pension papers, the respective Chief Commissioner/Director General/Chief Collector/Collector shall invariably submit recommendations about the release of full pension on the basis of satisfactory service of the pensioner or to withhold any portion of pension recording reasons thereof with evidences, in the relevant column, for decision by the Sanctioning Authority.


(i) Leave admissibility certificate duly signed and stamped by the concerned officer of AGPR/ Sub-Offices of AGPR/District Account Officer

(ii) In case of leave encashment, a certificate stating that the officer has not availed any kind of leave (except casual leave) during the last year of his/her service. In case leave is availed during last year, the details of leave availed, its nature and period with dates are to be specifically mentioned.

(iii) Attested copy of retirement notification issued by the Board.

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