KARACHI: Taurus Securities Limited, a subsidiary of National Bank of Pakistan, has noted that it is imperative for the PTI government to stay as a change in leadership during a pandemic situation and economic recovery may make matters worse.

“Stability will also be key in implementing FATF reforms as well as negotiating further disbursements with IMF,” a report issued by Taurus Securities noted.

“We flag mass protests, including sit-ins by the opposition i.e. PDM as non-events. We believe the larger populous has moved on from the legacy narrative and State institutions are expected to continue to support the current Government”.

Taurus Securities believes strong economic recovery as well as agile management of the pandemic and procurement of vaccines for Covid-19, will be vital for PTI’s popularity.

“In addition, industry and export-oriented policies and their implementation is also expected to support PTI’s cause with the larger business community”.

Taurus Securities has forecast 13 percent corporate earnings growth in 2021 given Recovery of aggregate demand based on compelling demographics, which is expected to drive demand for cyclicals, consumer durables, non-durables, lifestyle and essential products and technology.

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