SHC allows owners of falcons to assist customs in feeding

KARACHI: The owners of falcons were allowed to assist the Pakistan Customs in feeding the endangered birds.

The order came from a customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh which heard two identical petitioners who claimed to be license holders for keeping the rare birds.

Sardar Muhammad Aslam Gabol moved the court challenging the detention of birds by Customs department. The falcons fall into Wild Life laws and as such custom has no jurisdiction and authority to detain the birds, the counsel for petitioner maintained.

He also expressed threat to the life of birds due to poor feeding and improper arrangements for special bird.

Khalid Rajper advocate appearing for the department submitted that under section 16 of the Customs Act 1969, the department has powers to check the import documents and that whether requisite fee has been paid or not.

He also assured the court that birds are kept and fed properly.

The bench observed that safety of the birds is of importance in the case as in case of loss, the petition would become infructuos.

The counsel for petitioner volunteered to take care and feed the birds which request was allowed by the bench. The further proceedings were deferred till Jan 12.

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