KARACHI: Keeping in line with the directions of Mr. Abdul Rasheed Shaikh, Director General Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Islamabad to curb the menace of smuggling of contraband goods and NCP vehicles, the Director, Dr. Sadiqullah Khan, Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Hyderabad instructed the heads of ASO Wing Mr. Jamshed Ali Talpur, Additional Director and Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi Deputy Director to keep extra vigilance on the movement of contraband goods and NCP vehicles.

Consequently, during last fifteen days, the staff of the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Regional Office, Hyderabad has started a crackdown against smuggling of betel nuts.

Pursuing a reliable source, the Directorate has made two seizures of large quantity of smuggled betel nuts along with two 10-wheeler trucks.

A 10-wheeler Truck was intercepted by the team of ASO Wing, Hyderabad loaded with 10,000-kgs of betel nuts underneath bags of bhoosa (Animal Feed) valuing Rs.20 Million.

Recently, the ASO Wing, Hyderabad intercepted another Truck (10-Wheeler) which was also loaded with 7,000-kilograms smuggled betel nuts under the garb of bhoosa (Animal Feed) valuing Rs.16.5 Million.

Both vehicles were coming from Punjab and destined for Karachi, Sindh. During the last five months of the current financial year 121,090-kgs of betel nuts valuing Rs.181,635 Million have been seized by this Directorate.

Moreover, in pursuance of a credible information, the team of ASO Wing, headed by Deputy Director, Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi along with staff of Sindh Rangers raided a place situated at Sanghar Raod District Nawabshah and recovered a smuggled/ NCP vehicle i.e. Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (Grade ZX) Model 2011, valuing Rs.26.5 Million. The vehicle was escorted to the premises of the Directorate Hyderabad.

The Director appreciated the efforts of ASO Wings of the Directorate who are working tirelessly day & night.

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