KARACHI: Directorate of IPR Enforcement South has detained a consignment of Auto Air Press Horn-pad cover (Auto Air bag covers) of Toyota and Auto Adhesive Decoration Logo of Suzuki, on the complaint of M/s Indus Motor Company.

M/s Indus Motors Company filed an IPR enforcement application against the import of counterfeit Auto Air Press Horn-pad cover (Auto Air bag covers) which according to them are the cause of all fatalities, where air bags did not open or did not exist and a severe impact/accident led to death of occupants especially the driver.

Adhesive Decoration logo bearing trademark “Suzuki” imported from China by M/s Muhammad Idrees Impex currently under clearance at MCC Port Qasim was detained on the by the Directorate at the behest of the right-holder i.e. M/s Indus Motor for alleged violation of Section 15 of the Customs Act, 1969, read with the applicable trademark laws.

On the instructions of instructions of Director General Rubab Sikandar, Director Naima Batool ordered examination of the allegedly infringing goods in the light of their origin, commercial sourcing, value and visible features, i.e., shape, configuration, and the trademark printed thereon, side by side with the original product and the corresponding nominal and trademark data available in the IPO Pakistan’s recordation database, and has examined the technical comments submitted by the right holder as well as the survey report of Indus Motors, on auto air bag covers which are the cause of all accidents in which fatalities occur due to absence of air bags or non-opening of airbag, total accidents within the scope and requirements of Customs Rules.

The examination and analysis confirmed that the imported goods are counterfeit of the trademark Suzuki, Toyota bearing false manufacturing credentials, which have been directly imported from China.

Director Naima Batool has ordered to seize the infringing goods.

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