ASO Preventive Karachi seizes non-custom-paid vehicles worth Rs188.5 million

KARACHI: The ASO of MCC Preventive Karachi has seized 12 non-custom-paid vehicles worth Rs188.5 million in the last 18 days.

Collector Preventive Saquif Saeed advised Additional Collector Haroon Waqar Malik to expedite the campaign against the non-custom-paid vehicles. Assistant Collector Shafiullah formed a team led by Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan and tightened the vigilance.

During the course 12 vehicles including Toyota Lexus, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Premio, Toyota Prado, Toyota Surf, Honda Civic and Nissan Sports were seized.

Customs has decided to book the owners of non-custom-paid cars also to discourage th smuggling and use of such vehicles. It may be mentioned here that earlier, only the vehicles were seized but the owners of such vehicles were let go, even the owners got the first right of refusal in the auction of such vehicles.



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