Warehouses in Aram Bagh area Karachi raided by ASO Preventive


KARACHI:ASO  MCC Preventive Karachi has seized large quantity of smuggled cloth from warehouses situated at Akbar Market in Aram Bagh area, Karachi.

Information was received through Collector Saquif Saeed that large quantity of foreign origin smuggled cloth had been dumped at warehouses in Aram Bagh area. Additional Collector Haroon Waqar Malik formed a team headed by Assistant Collector Shafiullah and Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan to conduct raids on these warehouses.

Following due formalities, the suspected warehouses were checked, which led to recovery of 1.25 tons of Silk Chiffon worth Rs4.6 million; 9.7 tons of Georgette worth Rs16.38 million and 500kg of polyester net worth Rs0.68 million. total value of the seized cloth is Rs21.66 million.

An FIR is lodged and investigations are underway. An official said Collector Saquif Saeed has advised his team to focus on high value goods, as smuggling of these goods caused significant loss to the national economy, while on the other hand revenue is realized when such goods are seized.


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