Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry has new Secretary General

Mr. Anjum Rafat Ullah Khan has taken the charge as new Secretary General of The Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is however not new to the Chamber. During his long career with industries in Hub, he had remained connected with the Chamber activates for the industries located here. He is ex-Senior Vice President of the Chamber.

Mr. Khan brought wealth of long experience in the industries with him. HE has worked National and Multinational organizations. For over two decades, he had been attached with his company having the production facility in Hub.  He is well versed with the issues problems and potential of this largest organized industrial cluster of Balochistan. This district has over 90 percent of the industry of the province located here. These industries contribute the major portion of total revenue earned by the province.

Mr. Anjum R Khan said that with the usual support of the business community and with help of Provincial government, Chamber would continue to work for making Lasbela district more and more investment friendly.

He said that the chamber is aware of great potential of industrial growth in this region in the changing dynamics and increased focus on this region. New Special economic Zone would be a great opportunity for setting up new business units at Hub. Many of the untapped business opportunities including seafood processing, Dates processing, local handicrafts business , Solar and wind power generation projects ae viable and could easily be started not only for the investors profits but for the overall prosperity of the local people and generation of huge revenue for the Provence.

Industry largely welcomed Mr. Khan’s induction as Secretary General in the Chamber and hopped that his contribution for resolving the issues and smooth running of the industries would add value to the Chamber’s services.

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