KARACHI: How and under what authority or rule, officials of Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) can amend a return filed by a filer, asks an appellate bench of High Court of Sindh.

The bench was hearing a constitution petition filed by Pak Telecom Mobile Company Limited. The counsel for the petitioner company submitted that it filed the Sales Tax Return which was amended by the officials. Despite requests the respondent SRB allowed adjustment or carrying forward.

Babar Sattar, a prominent lawyer from up country was hired by SRB to defend its case. The counsel for SRB submitted that amendment was not made by any officer manually but was a system generated issue as automatic system upgraded the request.

The bench disagreed to such contention and pointed out that in fact SRB first allowed the adjustment and then recalled its decision. SRB has the powers to issue a show cause or reject request for adjustment or carry forward but do not have any power to amend the return filed by a filer, the bench observed while seeking explanation and adjourning the further proceedings.