PESHAWAR: MCC Peshawar has detected export of Gur jiggery), wheat and pulses to Afghanistan through Torkham in the garb of broken rice and basmati rice. Gur (jiggery), wheat and pulses are banned for exports under Export Policy Order.

Two Goods Declarations were filed for the export of broken rice and basmati rice to Afghanistan.

Both these consignments carrying four vehicles were scanned at scanner operated by M/s NW. The scanned images did not report any discrepancy or abnormal pattern and categorized the images as normal.

The examination staff accordingly carried out normal examination of these four vehicles and allowed loading/release of these consignments for exports to Afghanistan. However, while these consignments were under process for Gate out activity, a credible information was passed through Collector Muhammad Saleem to Additional Collector Muhammad Zakir Khan that banned items like Gur, Wheat and Pulses are hidden beneath the declared goods.

Pursuant to the aforesaid information, both these consignments were detained and subjected to detailed examination.

The thorough examination of aforesaid consignments led to recovery of 49 tons Gur (jiggery), 21.5 tons Wheat and 8.7 tons Pulses like Dal Channa/ Mash having weight 8.7 tons found stuffed under the declared goods i.e. broken/basmati rice etc.

Accordingly, both these consignments were seized as commodities like Gur, Wheat & Pulses are banned for exports under Export Policy Order.

FIRs are lodged and criminal proceedings have been initiated against Customs agent M/s Afridi Customs Agency and exporter M/s Zahid Enterprises and M/s Nabi AFridi Trading Company.

It may be mentioned here MCC Peshawar and MCC Quetta are highly sensitive Customs stations, and in order to avoid smuggling very high profile officers are posted at these stations.

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