Customs Intelligence Faisalabad books many for defrauding government exchequer

FAISALABAD: I & P Branch, Intelligence & Investigation-Customs, Faisalabad has lodged an FIR against several accused for defrauding government exchequer of legitimate revenue through mis-declaring the value, description and quantity of imported cloth.

Information was received that certain importers are involved in import and clearance of Georgette Chiffon Fabric by way of mis-declaration of value, description, quantity, PCT classification, and origin.

A consignment of fabric cleared by M/s Imran Cloth Store being transported to Faisalabad in trailer was kept under watch after its clearance from Model Customs Collectorate (Port Muhammad Bin Qasim), Karachi.

A raiding party was constituted the staff of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Customs, Range Office, Faisalabad comprising Intelligence Officers M/s Muhammad Raman, Ch. Saeed Hayat, Mansoor Nasir and staff.

The suspected vehicle was Intercepted. Driver namely Abbas Shah presented a copy of Goods Declaration showing import and clearance of 14.86 tons of  “Un-Dyed Unfinished fabric in bales under PCT 5407.5100 showing assessed value of $3.8/kg as against declared value of $3/kg.

The consignment was brought to state warehouse and examined which found the goods to be Georgette Chiffon fabric. The Customs Laboratory in Faisalabad confirmed the goods to be Chiffon fabric.

Initial investigations found M/s Imran Cloth Store and M/s S.Zaman & Co in collusion with Customs Laboratory officials caused a revenue loss of Rs10.383 million in the consignment of Chiffon fabric.

An FIR is lodged and investigations are underway.

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