SHC warns custom officials of placing orders in personal files Dispute of primary, secondary steel-VR set adise

KARACHI: Annoyed by the indifferent and lethargic attitude of the officers of Pakistan Customs, a customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh warned that court can order that orders passed against delinquent officers be made part ofd their service files.

The bench comprising Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar and Justice Agha Faisal was hearing petitions involving issue of dispute over Valuation Ruling which has been set aside but goods were not released provisionally.

This is not a case for provisional release as valuation ruling has been set adie, the bench observed. Taking exception to non-attendance particularly from officers concerned of Preventive (Pakistan Customs), the bench said that orders against officers found involved in illegal detention can become part of their service files if this court decides so.

In a related development, another bench headed by Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi dismissed the SCRA filed by the department in identical matters against orders of the Special Customs Appellate Tribunal which sat-aside the Valuation Ruling.

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