MCC Exports Port Qasim thwarts attempt to smuggle heroin abroad


KARACHI: MCC Exports Port Qasim has thwarted an attempt to smuggle abroad 36.15KG heroin and arrested five persons.

M/s Great Taman Lara Sports, Sialkot filed an export GD through Customs agent M/s Hamza International declared to contain footballs of multi-colors, artificial PVC lacked in 400 cartons destined for Montreal, Canada.

Meanwhile, information was received through Collector Fawad Ali shah to Additional Collector Moin Afzal that some exporters would try to smuggle contraband goods so the Deputy Collector Amjad Aman Leghari tightened the scrutiny of the consignments.

The consignment was examined by Appraising Officer Abdul Jabbar, which led to recovery of heroin weighing 36.15 KG. Drug Enforcement Cell of MCC JIAP confirmed, through testing kits, the goods to be heroin, which were duly seized. The value of the heroin is $2.25 million.

Four employees of Customs agent M/s Hamza International appeared on behalf of exporter M/s Great Taman Lara Sports. These four persons have been arrested.

Moreover, Principal Appraiser EIB Muhammad Ahmed and IO Zaheer Ashraf reached Sialkot and arrested Naeem-ur-Rehman, owner of M/s Great Taman Lara Sports.

An FIR is lodged and further investigations are underway.


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