ISLAMABAD: Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has issued notification of increase in prices of 94 medicines including medicines used for fever, headache, heart disease, malaria, diabetes, sore throat and flu.

As per details, the federal government had approved an increase in the prices of 94 medicines by anywhere from 9% to 262%.

The federal government was forced to increase the prices of medicines due to various reasons including low availability in the market, appreciation of dollar and rising cost of raw materials.

The medicines whose prices have been increased also include antibiotics, abdominal pain, medicines for eye, ear, tooth, mouth and blood infection, skin diseases and post-childbirth drugs.

Of these, 68 medicines are local and 26 are imported. The price hike was reportedly unavoidable because of the aforementioned reasons. But, it is said that pharmaceutical companies will not be allowed to raise prices any further until June 2021.


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